Welcome To ReptileHow!

My name is Rudy Miller (Yes, this is an Anaconda :-)).

As a snake breeder, reptile husbandry specialist and consultant, I have kept and worked with a variety of species for the majority of my adult life.

I created this website to share factual, science-based research from the best reptile care resources available.

My mission is to make good information available to all, so that you can choose the right exotic pets and create a perfect environment for them.

rudy miller with a green anaconda

Let us help you provide the best environment for your reptiles

As reptile owners and breeders, weā€™ve seen way too many unhealthy geckos, snakes and lizards.

Most reptile owners want healthy and happy exotic pets, but sometimes the right reptile care information isnā€™t easy to come by.

We created reptilehow to help you create the perfect little biotop thatā€™s just right for your reptile, and provide the right food and care.

Create the perfect enclosure

To recreate a reptileā€™s natural environment, youā€™ll need to control temperature, humidity, and more.

Choose the right species

Not every reptile species are a good choice for you or your kids. We help you pick the right species so you enjoy your pet.

Provide good food and care

Rat or mouse? Live, frozen? How often to feed? Our articles cover food regimen and specific care for each species we cover.

Become a reptile breeder

Ready for the next big step? Youā€™ll find everything you need to know about how to breed and care for reptile eggs and juvenile.