Angolan Python Prices (How Much Do They Cost?)

The Angolan python (Python anchietae) is currently uncommon in captivity. They have many similarities to ball pythons but have bolder personalities and unique bumpy scales.

If you want to try owning this species, you may be wondering:

How much does an Angolan python cost?Ā 

On average, an Angolan python will likely run you about $1000 for a captive-bred snake. You can find them for less, but the best breeders charge around that price and guarantee your baby is eating and can even tell you about the parents.

Wild-Caught Snakes

recently shed adult female python anchietae

While it is fairly hard to find wild-caught snakes at the time of writing this article, if demand goes up these snakes may be found in the reptile trade. Illegal capture of wild snakes is a major threat to the health of the species.

Not only will animals be removed from the wild gene pool, but many snakes may be killed during capture and their habitat may be damaged by increased human activity.

Snakes that have been caught in the wild and exported also face a stressful and dangerous journey. Many snakes do not survive shipping or die from injury and disease soon after arrival.

Even legal capture can be a concern since a large demand will result in exporters of snakes looking for loopholes they can exploit to export more snakes.

This has happened with other snake species in the past and has resulted in some wild populations being threatened with extinction.

Be careful about where you buy your snake so you know you are not contributing to harming these amazing snakes.


If you are looking to buy an Angolan python, you may actually find a hybrid with the ball python.

While these snakes do not seem to be common anymore, it is possible that someone may try to sell one of these hybrids.

They are referred to as Angryballs. It is rare to see these since Angolan pythons are rare. It is possible that the hybrids are infertile, but little is known since there are few breeders.Ā 


Angolan pythons are rarely available for sale. There are few breeders or even importers for this species. The easiest way to get an Angolan python is to find a breeder and wait for them to list some babies for sale.

This species also produces fewer babies per year than other pythons like the ball python. An average clutch will only have 4-5 babies while a ball python may have up to 11 in a single clutch.

Look for breeders on social media and places like morph market to find your new snake. If you check and none are available, just follow their page until you see them list some new snakes. It may take some time, so be patient.Ā 


angolan python morph

There are not currently any morphs or selectively bred colors available for Angolan pythons. Most snakes look similar. You may find some lighter or darker animals, but the species is not common enough to be bred for colors.

This may change in the years to come if any unusual animals are born in captivity or caught in the wild. Many morphs in other species were found in unusual wild-caught animals and were then bred into captive populations.

There may be more morphs in the future for Angolan pythons if the lighter animals prove to create new appearances as they are selectively bred.Ā 


Most captive-bred babies will go for from $900-1100. The exact price will depend on the age and sex of the animal. Most breeders charge slightly more for females than males.

You may also find higher prices if the seller is selling a pair of snakes. Be sure to read any listings carefully since you will need two enclosures for a pair of snakes.

It is not recommended to keep Angolan pythons in shared enclosures since they are solitary animals. Being forced into close proximity outside of the breeding season can stress out your python.

Some breeders will sell males for as low as $800, but they are rarely available.


pair of anchieta's dwarf pythons copulating

It is currently someone common to see pairs sold for this species. If you are looking to start breeding these rare snakes, buying a pair can be a good start. Be sure to prioritize an unrelated pair if you choose to buy a pair listing.

If you cannot find a pair for sale, look for two snakes with guaranteed sex and ask the breeders if they are related. You have a better chance of getting two unrelated snakes if you find two separate breeders.

Pairs tend to be around $1500 or so. This is the typical price for a male and a female snake. Both snakes are also typically babies at this price.

Babies may be infertile, so you take a risk if you buy a snake that isnā€™t old enough to breed. YOu may want to consider paying more for a proven breeder or an older snake if one of your snakes proved to be infertile.

Older snakes can go for over $1200 at a year old and the price tends to go up from there. A guaranteed unrelated pair can be over $2500 for both snakes. A pair of proven breeders will cost much more, up to $5000.Ā 


Angolan pythons are currently fairly expensive snakes. If you want to own one, you can find them for around $1000. Buying a pair can be a bit more expensive, but if you want to breed this species it can be cheaper to buy a pair.

If you own one of these snakes, please leave a comment about your experience and how much your snake cost you. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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  1. There is an Angolan python breeder that just posted on their facebook group that the first three clutches of the season were 13,13 and 17 eggs and my female came from a clutch of 9 so Iā€™m not convinced the 4-5 egg estimate is 100% accurateā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ maybe in the wild? seems that in captivity they can produce larger clutches.


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