Rosy Boa Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

The Rosy Boa is quickly becoming one of the more popular snake species in the world for those who want to keep snakes as pets.

That’s because this is a really docile snake that is easy to handle even for beginner snake owners.

However, because of how in-demand the Rosy Boa is, you might be wondering whether or not it is a snake that is expensive.

So, how much do Rosy Boas cost?

Depending on where you get your Rosy Boa from, these snakes have prices that range from $25 to over $200. The price highly depends on the locality of the snake as non-locality ones are cheaper than locality-specific Rosy Boas because the latter ones are bred carefully by breeders in certain localities.

As you can see, Rosy Boas aren’t that expensive at all as there are some snakes that come with prices that are really affordable.

This only makes the Rosy Boa an even better beginner snake considering that it doesn’t cost much to own one and because of the very fact that it is easy to handle and take care of a Rosy Boa as compared to other snakes species.

How much is a Rosy Boa?

Rosy Boas are increasingly becoming more popular in today’s exotic pet market because there are some people who are beginning to see the wonders of being a reptile pet parent.

That said, the Rosy Boa is popular precisely because it is ideal for beginner snake owners due to the fact that this snake has a mild temperament and comes with a docile personality that allows it to be quite easy to handle and take care of even for those who have no experience in dealing with and handling snakes.

Everything you need to know about caring for Rosy Boas in captivity:
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So, as interest in the Rosy Boa increases, you might begin to wonder whether or not it actually comes at a good price. After all, no matter how good of a snake the Rosy Boa is for a beginner, it might not have the best price in terms of how affordable it is. That said, how much does a usual Rosy Boa cost?

The price of a Rosy Boa varies because there are some Rosy Boas that actually come from different localities that may actually affect the price of the snake. That said, most Rosy Boa hatchlings can be bought for prices that range from $25 to more than $200 depending on certain factors that affect the price of a Rosy Boa.

Cheaper Rosy Boas tend to be somewhere between $25 and $75. These are the ones that are not locality-specific and may have come from breeders who are still trying to make a name for themselves in the snake trade industry. Meanwhile, the more expensive Rosy Boas are actually the ones that are locality-specific and are from breeders that practice morph breeding.

What factors go into the price of a Rosy Boa?

Now, if you are wondering what factors affect the price of a Rosy Boa so much that there are some hatchlings that are quite affordable while others are on the expensive side of things, here are the things you need to know:


The locality of the Rosy Boa plays a good role in its price because of how there are some Rosy Boas that are locality-specific and are bred carefully by breeders that make it a point to only breed Rosy Boas that come from the same locality. So, in that case, non-locality Rosy Boas tend to be cheaper while the ones that are locality-based are more expensive. 

Some of the more popular Rosy Boa localities include Coastal California, Desert Phase, and Mexican. As their names suggest, these are the places where these snakes can be found. California Rosy Boas tend to be more affordable. Desert Rosy Boas are more expensive. Meanwhile, Rosy Boas with mixed localities or are not locality-specific are the most affordable.


Morph breeding can instantly increase the price of a Rosy Boa not because there is something special behind it but only because it can actually be difficult to practice morph breeding and to look for specific morphs that can be bred with one another to produce Rosy Boas that are of the same specific morph.

For example, an albino Rosy Boa should be more expensive because it is rarer than most other Rosy Boas precisely because you have to find two albino Rosy Boas to breed so that you can produce these snakes. Moreover, the novelty of an albino Rosy Boa also adds to its cost because it isn’t every day that you will find a Rosy Boa that has a different appearance compared to its cousins.


Finally, the breeder and how popular his name is in the snake trade industry can instantly push Rosy Boa’s prices up. That’s because reputable breeders only follow the best breeding practices and give the best kind of care to their Rosy Boas and their hatchlings when they are in the business of selling these snakes. These breeders specifically find different ways and follow the highest standards possible to make sure that they have Rosy Boas that are healthy and are less likely to show aggression towards their owners. This is why Rosy Boas that come from reputable breeders tend to be on the expensive side of things.

Is it expensive to keep a Rosy Boa?

Of course, it might also be a good idea to know whether or not keeping a Rosy Boa is an expensive endeavor. After all, this snake might not be the most expensive species out there but keeping it might actually be more expensive than buying it. That is why some snake owners not only look at the price of the snake but also the costs of keeping one.

The good news is that keeping a Rosy Boa is also relatively more affordable compared to keeping other snake species. You won’t find that keeping this snake is an expensive endeavor because Rosy Boas can actually live long and healthy enough under conditions that don’t require you to spend a lot of money.

For one, Rosy Boas can stay healthy on a steady diet of the common reptile food such as the domesticated mouse, which should be quite affordable. You also don’t have to feed your Rosy Boa a lot of times in a single month as most owners tend to only feed their Rosy Boa 2 to 4 times in a single 30-day span.

Meanwhile, Rosy Boas can thrive well in the common reptile enclosure that is escape-proof. There are no special things that you need to put in its enclosure aside from a heating pad that will allow it to live under the right temperature conditions. The Rosy Boa doesn’t even need a special kind of light to stay healthy or to survive.

All that said, because the Rosy Boa requires only the standard kind of care from its owner, it is a relatively inexpensive snake to keep as a pet. This only adds more to its appeal as a beginner-friendly pet snake as it is relatively cheap to buy and to keep.

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