Western Hognose Snake Price: How much?

If you are looking for a new Western hognose snake, you may be concerned about the cost. The price depends on the color of the snake you pick.Ā 

How much does a western hognose snake cost?

A Western hognose snake will cost anywhere between $120 and $800 depending on the color. Some rare colors can go over $1000.

Cost of a Basic Western Hognose

Everything you need to know about caring for Western hognose snakes in captivity:
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If you like the wild pattern of the Western hognose and donā€™t care about breeding your snake, then you can get a baby hognose for as little as $120 not counting shipping.

If you can find a local breeder you may be able to find them cheaper. Snakes without special colors and patterns can have trouble finding a home.

This means a breeder may be willing to sell for less to make sure their babies have good owners. Consider $120 to be the basic cost for a snake. Adults typically cost more than babies. Expect the price to rise by $50-$100 if you want an adult snake. You may be able to find cheaper wild-type snakes.

Just be sure you are buying only a captive-bred animal. Snakes that were collected from the wild may have parasites or be less healthy. Older animals may not adjust to captivity. It also supports removing animals from the wild which can put the species at risk of extinction in the wild.

What About Fancy Morph Colors?

Here is where the pricing starts to differ. Most breeders determine the price based on the snakeā€™s visible colors in addition to the genes it may have.

A snake that may carry genes for a unique pattern will be more valuable to a breeder. This means the cost will be higher.

A typical albino hognose will cost around $200-$400 depending on the breeder. The anaconda coloring is typically around $300-$600. The higher prices are normal for adults.

The snow coloration is found for around $500. The price will rise for snakes with unique gene combinations or appearances.

These snakes can go for over $1000 easily. Sex also changes the price. A female snake with a unique grey coloration can go for over $2000. This is because many breeders will pay higher prices to attain a unique set of genes for a breeding project. If you just want a pet, you can go with a cheaper animal.Ā 

What Colors are Available

There are a number ofĀ morphsĀ and variations within them. The basics for color and pattern selection depend on the genes of the snake. An albino animal is missing melanin, a brown pigment.

That means these animals will be yellow, orange, or red with red eyes. Axanthic animals are missing the red pigment so they will appear gray.

Different amounts of pigments result in different colors. You will also see changes in pattern. The anaconda pattern results in minimal or no patterning behind the head.

The lemon ghost gets more yellow pigment as it ages which reduces the appearance of patterns. Leucistic animals are entirely white with blue or gray eyes. Artic snakes have high contrast in their patterning. The exact look of a snake depends on the genes and how they present.

The look of a snake may change with sheds. Some patterns or colors become more apparent with age.Ā 

Other Costs of Owning a Snake

Beyond the price of the snake itself, you must consider the cost of supplies. You will need an enclosure for your snake. This can range from a small aquarium for a juvenile to a big terrarium for an adult.

A terrarium that would allow under-tank heating and adequate ventilation can run over $200.

ReptiZoo 50 Gallons Glass Tank (36x18x18)

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  • Completely escape-proof
  • Front access with independent doors for stress free handling & feeding time

You want something that wonā€™t hold onto too much humidity and can handle a thick layer of substrate for burrowing.

It also needs to be as long as your snake in length and half its body length in width. This is for an adult.Ā 

You will need to buy or make hides.

You can buy cheap plastic hides for under $30, but they arenā€™t the most attractive. Some of the nicer-looking wood options canā€™t be sanitized so you need to replace them yearly.

You also need decorations like sticks, rocks, and bark to fill the space.

You should only use items that have been thoroughly sanitized to avoid exposing your snake to illnesses. You will need some kind of water dish for your snake that will fit its whole body.

It needs to be heavy so it canā€™t be tipped over. It also needs to be easy to clean.

You will need heating as well. An under-tank heat mat and thermostat should run under $50. A substrate is needed for your snake as well.

This makes it easy to clean the enclosure. You will want to layer paper towels on the bottom before filling the tank a few inches with some sort of substrate that allows burrowing.

You can use something like aspen shavings. Just do not use any aromatic wood like pine or cedar as well as sand.

ZooMed Aspen Snake Bedding

  • Easy to clean with a scooper and replace
  • No dust to cause respiratory problems
  • Snakes enjoy burrowing in it
  • Ecological product

This should be under $20 for a bag. How long it will last depends on the enclosure size. You need to replace all the substrate about once a month and regularly spot clean your enclosure.Ā 

Food cost is the final concern. A hatchling needs an appropriately sized meal about every 5 days. An adult will eat every 7-10 days.

You will need to acquire enough mice of the right size to feed your snake. If you feed live, you will need to buy a mouse and have a temporary enclosure for it in case your snake doesnā€™t feel like eating. This can add up over time. Frozen mice can be bought in bulk.

Most sellers offer packages of 10-25 mice for under $1 per mouse until you start reaching adult size mice. If you can buy in bulk this will reduce your costs. You will also need to pay for things like cleaning supplies and vet visits to keep your pet healthy.


Western hognoses can be bought for $120 if you are happy with any color. If you want a special color this can get above $300 for a baby snake.

Adults will cost more than babies and females tend to cost a bit more. Leave a comment down below with your favorite color morph or how much your snake was.

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