8 Reasons Why Snakes Make Great Pets

Ā Pets are a very personal choice. You need to commit to an animal. Everyone has different needs for their pets.

Some people want an animal to cuddle with, while others may prefer animals they can watch go about its life.

They may also prefer different levels of care. Reptiles can make great pets so long as you know about the species you are considering.

Snakes in particular have a number of benefits that make them great choices for the right owners.

Here are 8 reasons why snakes are great pets:

1. Space Requirements

One of the biggest parts of owning any animal is the housing and exercise requirements to keep the animal happy and healthy. Dogs need a big space and you have to exercise them.

You can take care of a snakeā€™s exercise requirement just by having a large enough enclosure with plenty of decorations that your snake can explore.

The enclosure needs to be as long as the snake with half that in width and height for most species. Some snakes need more height such as arboreal snakes.

Others love to burrow and need an enclosure that allows for a deep substrate. If you are worried about space, pick a species that stays small like a garter snake or hognose.

2. Easy Cleaning

adult boa constrictor

Keeping up with some pets can be very hard. They either produce a lot of waste you need to clean or may make a mess by flinging food or bedding out of their enclosures.

Some animals like rodents and dogs are also notoriously smelly even with proper cleaning. This can result in a big time sink. Snakes are pretty easy when it comes to daily care.

You just need to check for poop or urine and replace the water daily. Weekly, most species just need the water dish sanitized. Deep cleaning can be done monthly unless you pick a bioactive set-up that takes care of most cleaning for you.Ā 

3. Time Requirements

handling a baby rosy boa
A Rosy Boa ā€“ Particularly easy for beginners to care for (see my care guide for rosy boas)

Snakes do not need a ton of time for their care. Most snakes just need a quick water change every day and a weekly-to-biweekly feeding.

They only need to be handled for a few minutes every week to keep them tame once you have earned your petā€™s trust. This means they require much less attention than other animals.

Some snakes are even display snakes so you only need to keep up on cleaning and feeding. This makes them easier to care for than some other pets.Ā 

4. Behavior

A Honduran Milk snake! Another beautiful species that is pretty commonly kept as a pet ā€“ complete milk snake care guide here

Snakes are incredibly interesting to watch. Many common pet snakes are curious animals. Once they wake up many will explore their enclosure.

Some animals will also be incredibly interested in their surroundings during handling.

This does depend on the species and your individual snake, but many enjoy the chance to see new sights and smells. This makes watching and interacting with your pet very fun.Ā 

5. Stress Relief

juvenile boa constrictor in hand
A Boa constrictor ā€“ not as big as you may think, these are common pets, they just need a bigger enclosure (see my enclosure and care guide for boa constrictors)

Even if your snake doesnā€™t enjoy being handled, you can still enjoy watching your snake. Snakes can help relieve stress by watching them just like fish.

Watching your snake move around and explore can be very calming. Snakes are not energetic or noisy, so you can relax with your pet. If your snake isnā€™t prone to zooming off, some people even enjoy holding their snake while watching TV or similar quiet activities.

Owning a pet is good for stress and loneliness no matter what the pet is. So long as you enjoy the animal, you will experience the benefits of pet ownership.Ā 

6. Long Life

handling a children's python outside its tank

One of the most heartbreaking parts of pet ownership is saying goodbye. All animals will eventually pass away. The exact lifespan depends on the species.

Some animals you may only get a few years, while some pets can outlive you. Most snakes will live for 15 years or more in captivity.

Some species like boa constrictors can live to be over 40 if you care for them well over their lives. This means you can enjoy many years with your pet. If losing your pet to old age is very painful, keeping a snake can help. Depending on your age your snake may even outlive you.Ā 

7. Diet

Snakes as a whole have a wide variety of diets. Most species will eat rodents, but you can find species that eat any number of prey.

Some garter snakes eat worms or fish. Other snakes like the African egg-eating snake eat eggs just like their name says.

While all snakes are obligate carnivores and need whole prey, you may be able to find a species that eats a diet you are comfortable feeding.

You can buy humanely killed mice frozen and defrost a mouse before feeding your snake. Most pet snakes will eat between once a week to once a month or less frequently, depending on the species.

Micedirect Frozen Mice

  • Direct from the producer
  • Packed in dry ice, delivered by FedEx
  • These feeder Mice for snakes are put to sleep with Co2 so they never suffer

If you have something with a good feeding response, you may be able to feed it special sausages made to feed snakes. This gives you some freedom in diet and can help if you ever need someone else to care for your snake for a bit.Ā 

8. Health

picasso stripe color rainbow boa

Probably one of the best points about snakes is their health as a whole. You should always have a new snake checked out by a vet to make sure they are healthy and donā€™t suffer from parasites.

After this, your snake should stay very healthy. Most illnesses in snakes are caused by poor husbandry.

So long as you keep the temperatures and humidity in the right range, your snake will stay healthy. Avoid overfeeding as well, since most species will suffer from shorter lifespans if they are too fat.

Otherwise, they do not require much in veterinary care. A yearly check-up will catch most issues before they become a problem.

You should also set up an emergency kit in case your power ever fails or something breaks in your setup. This should help prevent your snake from suffering in an emergency.


Snakes are great pets for many people.

You can find a species that should suit you with some research.

Make sure you have everything ready before you bring your new pet home and you should enjoy a long time with a healthy pet. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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