King Snake

Everything you need to know about caring for King Snakes in captivity: Read our California King Snake Care Sheet (Complete Guide)

ultra mosaic morph king snake

Top 15 King Snake Morphs (With Pictures)

King snakes (LampropeltisĀ genus) are wonderful snakes. There are many species in captivity, and many of these have unique colors and patterns. When these were selectively

king snake vs rat snake

Kingsnake Vs Rat Snake (10 Differences)

Kingsnakes (genusĀ Lampropeltis) share their habitat withĀ rat snakesĀ in much of the United States. The New World rat snakes are more closely related to kingsnakes than they

How Much Does a Kingsnake Cost?

Kingsnakes are wonderful colubrid snakes. All members of the genusĀ LampropeltisĀ are considered kingsnakes. You can find many species of kingsnake available at breeders. Captive-bred animals are