How Much Does a Kingsnake Cost?

Kingsnakes are wonderful colubrid snakes. All members of the genusĀ LampropeltisĀ are considered kingsnakes. You can find many species of kingsnake available at breeders.

Captive-bred animals are easy to source and can be affordable depending on the species and the color of the snake.

Here is how much a kingsnake cost.

On average, a wild-type kingsnake will be $50-100 depending on the exact species you select. The price goes up to around $200-$400 depending on the sex of the snake and its genes. Rare colors are more valuable.

California Kingsnakes

baby california king snake in a human hand

California kingsnakes are very popular and have a wide variety of colors available. The black and white banded variant will typically be under $100 depending on the balance of colors.

Most wild types will be under $80. Albino snakes will be around $100, and the ones called high-white can be around $200 depending on the age and sex of the snake.

Older snakes typically go for over $200 and as high as $600 depending on the genes of the snake. These snakes are typically aimed at breeders looking for more stock rather than someone who wants a pet.

If you want a kingsnake with many unique colors, this is your best bet. They are also the most common kingsnake for sale, so you should be able to find one easily.

Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes

arizona mountain kingsnake

The Arizona mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana) is a lovely snake with red, yellow, and black bands.

These gorgeous animals are a bit less common in the pet trade, and it will be hard to find any available under $200. You can expect to pay closer to $300 depending on the age.

There arenā€™t many other colors or genes, so the price will vary mainly depending on the breeder and the age of the snake.

Mexican Black Kingsnake

mexican black king snake

The Mexican black kingsnake is a beautiful animal with an all-black coloring that many people are drawn to. Most hatchlings are priced from around $200-300 depending on the sex.

Females tend to be a bit pricier than males. There are a few new color morphs appearing on the market, but it isnā€™t very common to see. These snakes are popular for being solid black, so most breeders donā€™t bother with unique colors.Ā 

Eastern Chain Kingsnake

eastern chain king snake

Eastern chain kingsnakes normally come in their wild pattern.

They are typically under $100, but you may see older animals going for more. You will most often find the wild pattern, since other subspecies like the Florida kingsnake are more popular in the pet trade thanks to their unique colors.

Florida Kingsnakes

The Florida kingsnake is a subspecies of the Eastern kingsnake and one of the snake species found in florida. You can find these snakes for around $100 if you want the wild-type pattern.

Once you start looking at different morphs like albino, prices climb to $200 and up. The more vivid the colors and pattern the more valuable the snake is. An albescent Florida kingsnake can go for $500 easily.

Other species

You can find many examples of other species of kingsnake and subspecies for sale. Most will be under $200, depending on the age and rarity. Some less popular species will be under $100.

Make sure you ask where the snake came from and the exact species. You need to know precisely so you can set up the enclosure properly. Try to mimic the typical climate the snake lives in and watch to make sure the snake is comfortable and healthy.Ā 

Other Costs

The snake itself will rarely be the most expensive part of acquiring a new pet. You will also be paying overnight shipping if you buy online.

This is typically around $50. You will also need an enclosure ($100-300), substrate ($30), hides and decorations ($50-150), heaters and thermometers ($100), and more to keep your snake happy and healthy.

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Make sure to checkout my king snake care sheet for setup recommendations.

You will also need to pay for other supplies like cleaners for the enclosure, food, and veterinary expenses. It is recommended that your snake gets a check up at least once a year, but multiple times a year is a good idea to help establish a baseline.

Kingsnakes are not well-studied for veterinary care, so establishing a baseline for health is important for the long-term health of your snake.

You will also want a basic first aid kit for reptiles in case of an emergency. Ask your reptile vet what will be most valuable to keep for your pet. Being able to perform basic first aid will help your pet and keep it alive until you can get it proper care.

Pets are not a small cost. Make sure you are prepared to give your snake everything it needs to stay healthy and happy in the long term.

Make sure you understand what your pet needs and donā€™t try to cut costs if it comes at the expense of the animalā€™s wellbeing.

You will be paying for poor care in the form of veterinary care later on. These animals live for up to 20 years, so you are going to have this animal for a long time.Ā 


Kingsnakes can be fairly cheap if you want an animal that had its wild coloration. Once you start getting into fancy colors, the price starts climbing.

Donā€™t forget to factor in things like the cost of the enclosure and food when deciding if you can afford a pet snake.

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