Blue Tongued Skink

blue tongued skink closeup

Are Blue-Tongued Skinks Poisonous?

 Blue-tongued skinks are members of the genus Tiliqua. They are native to Australia and Indonesia. You may be wondering if these amazing lizards are poisonous, venomous, or

blue tongued skink vs pink tongued skink

Blue-Tongued Skink Vs Pink-Tongued Skink

 There are two popular skinks with similar names out there. The blue-tongued skinks are members of the Australian and Indonesian genus Tiliqua. The single most common

friendly blue tongued skink

Are Blue-Tongued Skinks Friendly?

 Blue-tongued skinks are members of the Tiliqua genus. They are large and all the species in the genus are set apart from other skinks by their size

blue tongued skink inside its enclosure

Are Blue-Tongued Skinks Good for Beginners?

 Blue-tongued skinks are several species in the genus Tiliqua that are native to Australia and Asia. There are several species commonly found in captivity. The most common

blue tongued skink

How Much does a Blue-Tongued Skink Cost?

Blue-tongued skinks are member of the genus Tiliqua. These animals are found in Australia and neighboring areas in the Pacific. There are a number of species in