Blue Tongued Skinks For Sale: 40 Breeders

If you are looking for a pet blue-tongued skink, it can be hard to find a breeder. This list will help you find Tiliqua breeders. It is organized by country and state or region.

Each listing will note what species the breeder offers and morphs if available. I will be listing breeders and shops, but some may also import animals.

Be sure you read any listings carefully to make sure you are only buying captive-bred animals. Wild-caught, farm-bred, and imported animals can have parasites or other health issues.

They also tend to be more skittish. If you are located outside of Australia, a good tip to guarantee a captive-bred animal is to only buy one of the Australian species.

Since exports of native reptiles were banned in 1982, the vast majority of animals from outside the country are all captive-bred.

I have also done my best to ensure every breeder on this list is well-reviewed and responsive at the time of writing. 

For a complete guide to enclosure setup, feeding, daily care and breeding,
check out my Blue Tongue Skink Care Sheet

United States

One important thing to note in the United States is how different the laws on owning reptiles can be. Even if it is legal to own a blue-tongued skink in your state, your county or city may ban them.

Be sure to check your local laws. Some areas may also require a permit while others have no restrictions. 


Lizard Cafe is located in Tucson. They focus primarily on Australian species like the Northern blue-tongued skink. You can find some nice wild-type animals from them. 


  • Geckos Etc is located in Rocklin. They specialize in Northern blue tongues. You can find animals from the dark line from this breeder.
  • Miles Sundher Reptiles is located in Los Angeles. They specialize in Northern blue-tongued skinks. They tend to have orange, hypo, and Polish orange line animals. They are found only on Morph Market
  • Colton’s Reptiles is located in San Diego. They specialize in Northerns. You can find them on Morphmarket and Facebook.


  • Ward’s World of Reptiles is located in Tampa. This is a family business that breeds many reptiles. They do have Northern blue-tongued skinks. 
  • Reptile Mart is a physical store located in North Fort Myers. They have a very high standard of care for reptiles and have a large selection. They have Northerns and Merauke blue-tongued skinks. You can either visit their location or buy from them on Morph Market.
  • Adam Chesla Reptiles is located in Fort Lauderdale. They specialize in Northerns and have a wide range of lines and appearances. You can find everything from white line animals to orange and more. You can find them on Morph Market and Instagram.


Exotic Reptiles of Savannah is located in Savannah and offers local pickup and regional shipping. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can find them on Morph Market or visit their store in person. 


French Toast Geckos is located in Mechanicsville. They offer Northerns. You can find them on Morph Market and Facebook.


KO Exotics is located in Boston. They breed Northern blue-tongued skinks and Irian Jaya skinks. They have orange and caramel Northerns.


Midwest Reptiles is located in St. Louis. They have both Eastern and Northern blue-tongued skinks. Most animals are normal but you can find dark line Northerns and non-eye banded Easterns. 

New Jersey

  • Garden State Exotic Pets is located in Matawan. They do have a physical location where you can pick up your new skink. They also sell supplies. They have Halmahera skinks. You can check their reptile stock easily on Morph Market
  • Major League Exotic Pets is located in Jackson Township. They sell reptiles and supplies from their physical location. They have Irian Jaya and Northern blue-tongued skinks available. You can buy online at Morph Market and also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • R&B Reptiles is located in Vineland. They breed Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can also find them on YoutubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram

New York

  • Milky Way Reptiles is located in Schenectady. They breed Northerns, and New South Wales Eyebanded Eastern blue-tongued skinks. Their Northern skinks are orange and sunset lines in addition to others. You can find them on Morph Market and Facebook as well. 
  • Jungle Bob’s Reptile World is located in Selden. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. 

North Carolina

Funny Farm Exotics is located in Benson. They are a small breeder that is woman-owned and run by veterans. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can find them on Morph Market.


  • The Critter Cottage is located in Raveena. They are breeders and also have a reptile rescue. They specialize in Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can buy from them on Morph Market and they do allow for local pickup and regional shipping.
  • Satoo Reptiles and Aquatics is located in Parma. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. 


  • Good Guy Family Reptiles is located in Philadelphia. They have Tanimbar blue-tongued skinks. You can find them on Morph Market
  • Pocono Herpetoculture is located in Hawley. They specialize in the Australian species of blue-tongued skink. You can find them on Morph Market and Facebook.

South Carolina

AHP Exotics is located in Moncks Corner. They are frequently found at expos, so you may be able to find them and buy your skink in person. They do have multiple species, but some animals may be farm-bred imports. They do have Northerns and they picture the exact animal and list the diet the animal is currently eating.


  • Reptile Pets Direct is an exotic pet store located in Live Oak. Since they are also an importer, they do have Indonesian skinks available in addition to the captive-bred Northerns. 
  • Sliterpets is another pet store located in Houston. They offer captive-born Halmahera blue-tongued skinks and captive-bred Northerns. 


Great Basin Serpentarium is located in Salt Lake City. They only offer captive-bred animals. All of their animals are also guaranteed to not be born from imported gravid females. You can find Tanimbar blue-tongued skinks from them and they occasionally have captive-bred Indonesian species.


  • Mike’s Exotics is located in Manassas. They specialize in unusual species. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks and do offer exports for these animals. 
  • Pet Paradise is located in Virginia Beach. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can find them on Morph MarketFacebook, and Instagram.


  • Birmingham Reptiles and Pets is located in Birmingham, England. They have captive-bred Sorong blue-tongued skinks and may have others depending on when you can check. 
  • Exotics @ Heart is located in Aylesbury. They have captive-bred Indonesian blue-tongued skinks.
  • Blackpool Reptiles and Aquatics is located in Blackpool, Lancashire. They offer captive-bred Halmahera blue-tongued skinks. They will not put animals in the post so you will need to either visit in person or pay for a courier.
  • Evolution Reptiles is located in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. They do offer blue-tongued skinks. However, they only sell reptiles in-person at their store. Be sure you call about availability.
  • Global Geckos is located in Windlesham, Surrey. They do breed skinks such as the Indonesian species. You must call them to inquire about any animals, but they will accept online payments. They ship via courier to the UK and select European countries. You can also visit their physical store to see their animals in person. 


Jballs is located in Bamburg. They have Northern blue-tongued skinks. You can find them on Morph Market.


  • Reptile Life has four locations including Ferntree Gully, Hoppers Crossing, and Bentleigh East. You can buy a few species, but you do need to contact them for availability. You can either use their contact form or call your closest location. They also offer help with permits for lizards that require them. 
  • Amazing Amazon is located in Glen Waverly, Victoria. They have a large selection including Northern, Easterns, blotched, and shinglebacks. They also have morphs like melanisitic. They will ship to your closest airport if you live further away. Do your research to make sure you if you will need any paperwork.
  • Bluetongue Lizards is a major breeder of Australian reptiles. They work with a wide range of morphs and species. They have melanistic, anery, pattern morphs, blotched, and many combinations like snow and lava. They tend to only have lizards available during the breeding season, so check back to their site. You can also find them at expos. They have a good primer on morphs and the species in the genus, so they make a good source for information.
  • Gates of Eden is a pet shop located in Morisset, New South Wales. They have Western and blotched blue tongues. You will need to visit them in person to purchase your new pet.
  • Jurrassic Jungle is a pet shop located in Melbourne. You can browse their selection of blue tongues and shinglebacks in person at their retail store. You can also buy the supplies and food all in one area.
  • Kellyville Pets is located in Beaumont Hills, New South Wales. They have a few species of blue tongues including Northerns and some morphs. You will need to buy your new pet in person and have your reptile keepers licence or a licence for a single companion reptile. They will not sell an animal without one.
  • Bluetonguemorphs is one off the original breeders of morphs for the species. If you want a skink with a unique morph, they are a perfect source. They have morphs like anery, platinum, calypso, and more. You need to contact them around December to see what they have available. You also need the proper licence to purchase an animal from them. They do not typically sell wild-type animals since they specialize in morphs.

How to Select a Breeder

handling a baby blue tongued skink

Selecting a good breeder is one of the best ways to make sure your skink is healthy. An animal from a good breeder will typically be healthy and friendly.

The first tip is to make sure the breeder has the species and morph you are looking for. If they do not have any animals available when you are looking, you can ask to be added to a wait list or follow them.

A good breeder will never guarantee how many babies will be in a litter or that a specific pair will produce. 

Read any listings carefully and check reviews. If they have their own website, be sure to check for reviews on a third-party site or check the Better Business Bureau or an equivalent for their country.

Any faults with the animal should be listed including scars or previous illnesses. A breeder should be able to answer basic husbandry questions.

They should also be willing to send more pictures or videos of the animal you want. They should have records for the animals as well.

They should know the parents and how often the animal eats and poops. If the animal has been seen by a vet, any results should be sent when the animal is. 

The breeder should also never ship an animal when the conditions may be dangerous. The animals should be properly insulated and have appropriate heating or cooling packs for the weather. Many breeders will also only ship to distribution centers since this helps protect animals from flucuating temperatures in delivery vans and outside your home. Look for a live arrival guarantee and be sure to follow this exactly. 

If you visit in person, be sure to ask questions. Handle the animal you may buy and look for a healthy animal that is bright and alert with clear eyes.

Some signs of stress are normal at an expo, but the animal should be healthy. Be sure to check for signs of mites or ticks as well.

If You Want on the List

If you are a blue-tongued skink breeder, you can be added to the list. Contact us and list your name and location. Tell us a bit about your goals for breeder and what you specialize in. The more information, the better. 


Blue-tonued skinks are great pets and buying from a good breeder is the best way to start off with your new pet. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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