Top 57 King Snake Breeders in the United States

Kingsnakes are all members of the genus Lampropeltis. There are a number of species in the genus, and many of these are found in captivity.

Some are even so commonly bred that you can find selectively bred color and pattern mutations called morphs (see my list of king snake morphs with pictures here).

You can also find captive-bred examples of certain local varieties of kingsnake. This allows you to own a snake without worrying that the wild population will be affected by collection for the pet trade.

This list will go over a number of breeders located in every state where it is legal to own kingsnakes. Be sure you check your local laws since most states may not ban snake ownership but your city might. 

For a complete guide on enclosure setup, feeding and proper care, see my california king snake care guide!


Some species of kingsnake like the scarlet, prairie, and speckled kingsnake are illegal to own in the state. This means that there are no breeders that the author could find.

If you are a legal breeder in the state, please see the bottom of the article for how to be added to the list!


Alaska currently doesn’t seem to have any dedicated kingsnake breeders. Many species are hard to find in the state since the reptile community is very small and many breeders will not ship that far.

Your best bet is looking for breeders in Washington. Some pet stores may have a limited selection of snakes in stock, but they are typically expensive thanks in part to transport costs.


  • Predators Reptile Center¬†is a small reptile shop that offers several kingsnake species including California kings and gray-banded kingsnakes. They have a number of morphs and offer regional shipping.¬†
  • Alex‚Äôs Snake Shed¬†is a new breeder that offers kingsnakes. They have Florida kingsnakes as an example and ship all over the country.


  • North Hill Exotics¬†is a small breeder that offers Mexican black kingsnakes. They are located in Benton and offer pickup and regional shipping.¬†
  • The Gragon Keep Geckos¬†specializes in geckos but also offers the occasional Florida kingsnake. If you love reptiles, keep up with them on¬†Facebook¬†to see their latest animals. They are located in Canehill and offer local pickup and regional shipping.


  • The Reptile Shop¬†is located in Temecula and offers several kingsnake species including California kings and prairie kingsnakes. They have hypo and double het snakes available along with high white snakes. They are open to visits from the public as well as offering shipping.¬†
  • SoCal Scales¬†is located in Imperial Beach. They offer Nuevo Leon kingsnakes and other reptiles at their store and many reptile shows across the region.¬†
  • Reptile Factory¬†is located in Riverside and offers regional shipping. They have several kingsnake species and morphs available. This includes hypermel, striped, and albino California kingsnakes. They also have Mexican black kingsnakes, Florida kingsnakes, and desert kingsnakes.
  • Mesozoic Reptiles¬†is located in Los Angeles. They have a large variety of California kingsnake morphs like Palomar ghost and aberrant patterned. They also have whitesided Florida kingsnakes and Mexican black kingsnakes available.¬†
  • Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture¬†is located in Rocklin and offers regional shipping and even export to 36 countries. They primarily breed geckos, but they also offer kingsnakes. They have Mexican black kingsnakes and California kingsnakes. They have albino, high white, and combinations of these two morphs.


VMS Professional Herpetoculture is located in Cotopaxi. They offer Arizona mountain kingsnakes, Mexican black kingsnakes, California kingsnakes, and Neuvo Leon kingsnakes.

They offer several morphs and phases for most species as well. If you are looking to get started as a breeder, they frequently offer breeding pairs or trios depending on the species. 


You may need a permit to own a kingsnake, so check the local laws for your area. There are no established breeders in the state that the author could find online.


You may need a permit. Native kingsnakes with wild colorations are banned. Morphs are allowed. Because of these laws, finding kingsnake breeders in the state is difficult. 


  • Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, LLC¬†is located in Orlando and offers regional shipping and also exports to 5 countries. They have Mexican black kingsnakes, Florida kingsnakes, California kingsnakes, and Brooks‚Äô kingsnakes. They offer many morphs as well as wild-type snakes.¬†
  • Dynasty Reptiles¬†is located in Miami and offers local pickups, regional shipping, and export to 13 countries. They have many Florida kingsnake morphs including hypo, mosaic, axanthic, whitesided, and combinations. They have albino, high white, and aberrant California kingsnakes as well as specific localities. They also have other species like eastern kingsnakes and Mexican black kingsnakes.¬†
  • Treefrog‚Äôs Curiosity Shoppe¬†is located in Titusville. They have a few localities of Florida kingsnakes along with Neuvo Leon kingsnakes.¬†
  • Wards World Of Reptile Propagation¬†is located in Tampa. They have California kingsnakes and Mexican black kingsnakes.
  • Ectotherm Empire¬†is located in Weeki Wachee and offers local pickup and regional shipping in addition to export to Canada. They produce mostly hognoses, but they also have hypo mosaic Florida kingsnakes.


Native snakes are not legal to own in the state, so be sure the species you are considering is legal.

  • Cold Blooded Creations¬†is located in Valdosta. They have some California kings but have more Florida kingsnakes. This includes morphs like flame, hypo, albino, lavender, ghost, and whitesided.¬†
  • Blended Creations¬†is located in Adairsville. They have mosaic Florida kingsnake combinations and other reptiles on their¬†Morph Market¬†store.
  • Chromatic Critters¬†is located in Valdosta as well. They breed California kingsnakes and Arizona mountain kingsnakes. You can also keep up with their available snakes on¬†Facebook.


Owning snakes is illegal in Hawaii. As such, there are no breeders in the state.


Prismatic Reptiles is located in Pocatello. They mostly sell ball pythons but they also offer a few species of kingsnake on occasion. You can check up with their breedings on Facebook. 


There is a limit on how many native animals you own. It is also not legal to sell wild-caught snakes, but you should be fine with captive snakes so long as you are under the limit.

ECW Reptiles is located in Milan. They offer local pickup and regional shipping. You can keep up with them on Facebook. They have been producing snakes since 1994.

They primarily breed corn snakes, but they also have California kingsnakes. Their morphs include banana, 50/50, albinos, and hypermel.


  • Bartley Reptiles¬†is located in Evansville and offers regional shipping and local pickup. They have a large variety of California kingsnake morphs including hypermel, albino, blizzard, and mosaic. They also offer Mexican black kingsnakes.
  • L&R Reptiles¬†is located in Evansville. They have Florida and California kingsnake morphs including hypo, banana, and whitesided. You can catch up with them on¬†Facebook.¬†


There are no breeders in Iowa. There are some breeders in other states that are close to the border. Laws surrounding selling reptiles can make it difficult to sell snakes in the state.


  • Manhattan Reptile Planet¬†is located in Manhattan, Kansas. They are a reptile store and small breeding facility. You can also find them on¬†Facebook. They offer Mexican kingsnakes as well as albino and banana California kingsnakes.
  • Travis Whisler Reptiles¬†is located in Colwich. They offer Arizona mountain kingsnakes, Ruthven‚Äôs kingsnakes, and California kingsnakes.


Extraordinary Ectotherms is located in Louisville. The owner is a professional reptile keeper for a zoo and breeds all the snakes offered. They offer Eastern kingsnakes and Florida kingsnakes.


  • Mighty Morphin Sneks¬†is a small breeder located in Youngsville. They Mexican black kingsnakes and California kingsnakes with the high white gene.¬†
  • Exotics by Nature Co.¬†is located in Folsom. They have a number of species including the Neuvo Leon kingsnake, Mexican black kingsnakes, and the Chihuahua mountain kingsnake.


There are no breeders in Maine, partly because of unclear laws on whether any kingsnake is legal to own or breed in the state. Many common exotic pets fall under the wildlife laws instead of laws about pets.


Jay’s exotic fish & reptiles is located in Baltimore. It is an entirely online fish and reptile breeder. They have a number of species available including Brooks’ kingsnakes and California kingsnakes.


You may need a permit to even own a kingsnake in the state, and breeders need a special permit. This means there are no breeders in the state that the author could find.


  • Motor City Reptiles¬†is located in Washington, which isn‚Äôt far from Detroit. They put an emphasis on making sure every snake they sell or breed is healthy. They offer Mexican black kingsnakes.
  • Creatures of Nightshade¬†is located in Kawkawlin and focuses on good genes and high-quality care for their reptiles. They have whitesided ghost Florida kingsnakes.
  • Serpentine Designs LLC¬†is located in Kalamazoo. They focus on high-quality care to produce the best pet reptiles. They guarantee that their snakes are healthy and eating frozen/thawed prey before shipping. They have Florida kingsnakes.


Twin Cities Reptiles is located in St. Paul. They breed a wide variety of snakes at their store location. They have California kingsnakes, Florida kingsnakes, Brooks kingsnakes, and variable kingsnakes.


Native species cannot be sold in Mississippi. This means that the common kingsnake and prairie kingsnake can’t be sold.

Only recognizable morphs can be sold.

Anything that results in a snake that is not visually distinct from a wild snake cannot be bred or sold in the state. This means that breeders are hard to find.


  • Mike‚Äôs Exotics¬†is located in Mountain Grove. They focus on rare and unusual species and morphs. They have Neuvo Leon and variable kingsnakes available.¬†
  • 8 Ball Exotics¬†is located in Independence. They sell primarily over Morph Market but you can keep up with them on¬†Facebook. They have Florida, Brooks, and California kingsnakes.¬†
  • Shawn Wright Reptiles¬†is located in St. Loius. They specialize in California kingsnakes.


T&T Reptiles is located in Laurel. They are a husband and wife team of small breeders. They have Durango mountain kingsnakes.


Doug’s Fish and Reptiles is located in Lincoln. They focus on colubrids, particularly rear-fanged colubrids. They offer Neuvo Leon kingsnakes.


Any native kingsnake needs to be albino in order to be legal in the state, though asking local officials is still best practice.

Urban Dinos is located in Las Vegas. They focus on the health of their reptiles and finding them the best home possible. They have Mexican black kingsnakes.

New Hampshire

CV Exotics is located in East Hampstead, Hampstead. They are a family owned and operated business. They have Mexican black kingsnakes and several morphs of California kingsnakes.

New Jersey

Permits are required for kingsnakes, do your research before you acquire your pet.

  • Garden State Exotic Pets¬†is located in Matawan. They have California kingsnakes.
  • Major League Exotic Pets¬†is located in Jackson Township. They have a brick and mortar store if you would like to pickup your pet. They have California, Florida, and San Luis Potosi kingsnakes.

New Mexico

While there are pet stores in the state, the author wasn’t able to find a local breeder. This may be because of restrictions on the native kingsnakes in the state or local laws.

New York

  • Jungle Bob‚Äôs Reptile World¬†is located in Selden. They have a number of species including Mexican black kingsnakes, California kingsnakes, and speckled kingsnakes.
  • Mike Panichi¬†is a single reptile breeder located in Brookhaven. He has been breeding for over 30 years. He has high white and albino California kingsnakes.

North Carolina

  • Sunfish Exotics¬†is located in Harrisburg. They specialize in leopard geckos and Western hognose, but do offer Neuvo Leon kingsnakes.
  • Mortal Coil Serpentarium¬†is located in Winston-Salem. They have Mexican black kingsnakes and other colubrids.¬†
  • Coldblooded Novelties¬†is located in Trinity. They have eastern and Mexican black kingsnakes.

North Dakota

You may require an entry permit for snakes brought in from out of state, but be sure to ask. This means there are no easily accessible breeders that could be found online.


SATOO Reptiles is located in Lakewood. They have Mexican black kingsnakes.


Non-native species should be fine but check on the rules for captive-bred natives. Oklahoma doesn’t have its own breeders but there are breeders in nearby states close to the borders.


Brad’s World Reptiles is located in Corvalis. They offer Mexican black kingsnakes in addition to a number of California kingsnake morphs.


Non-native kingsnakes do not require a permit but check on native species.

Fisher Reptiles is located in Hanover. They offer select colubrids including Mexican black kingsnakes.

Rhode Island

There are no kingsnake breeders with an online presence in the state. If you breed kingsnakes in Rhode Island, please contact us to be added.

South Carolina

South Carolina has strict rules on kingsnake sales and exports. As such, no breeders are known for the state. You may find some at reptile shows so long as it is a morph and not wild-type.

South Dakota

South Dakota does not have any breeders with an online presence. 


Critter Castle Pets and Supply is located in Chuckey. They have Neuvo Leon kingsnakes.


  • Shores Enuff Snakes¬†is located in Fort Worth. They have desert, gray-banded, and California kingsnakes.¬†
  • Slitherpets¬†is located in Houston. They have California kings and Brooks kingsnakes.
  • Link‚Äôs Reptiles¬†is located in Royse City. They have Mexican black kingsnakes.¬†


Utah mountain kingsnakes are completely banned. California kingsnakes require a Certificate of Registration in the state. You will need to ask about other species.

Great Basin Serpentarium is located in Lindon. They have California and Mexican black kingsnakes.


Vermont doesn’t have any kingsnake breeders online, but other nearby states have plenty of options.


Albino kingsnakes are specifically allowed. Check for other species and morphs.

Temporalis Enterprises is located in Lorton. Specializes in Lampropeltis species like kingsnakes. They have Florida kingsnakes including localities.


EDzExotics is located in Olympia. They have speckled, Neuvo Leon, and Ruthven’s kingsnakes.

West Virginia

West Virigina has laws banning possession of most native snakes including multiple species of kingsnake. There are no breeders with an online presence.


Wisconsin has variable laws depending on where you live. You will need to ask your local clerk about laws since some areas have no restrictions while others ban snakes over 3 feet.

Rod’s Exotics is located in Janesville. They have Florida kingsnakes. 


Wyoming is another state that just doesn’t have any online breeders. There are breeders close to the border in other states if you just want to reduce transport time for your snake.

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There are great kingsnake breeders located all over the country. Find a local breeder if you can to avoid as much shipping stress as possible.

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