How Big do Amazon Tree Boas Get?

Amazon tree boasĀ (Corallus hortulanus) are beautiful snakes. These animals are arboreal and spend most of their time in trees. They typically are found draped over a group of branches, so it can be hard to know just how large these lovely animals are. So how big do Amazon tree boas get?

Amazon tree boas reach a size of 7 to feet as adults. These slender snakes never truly stop growing, but their growth does slow down as they age.

About the Snake

Amazon tree boas are native to South America. They can be found in south-eastern Brazil, the Guianas, and much of Amazonia. They prefer humid rainforests, but they can be found in more dry biomes like savannahs. They are found closer to the ground as juveniles, but adults will typically stay higher in trees.

They are ambush predators that will wait for prey to come to them.

They will strike at nearly anything they feel they can eat. Their main diet in the wild consists of birds and bats, but they also eat mammals like rodents and marsupials. Generally, Amazon tree boas are voracious feeders and will take a strike at anything within range.

This is because they might not see any prey again for a while. This also makes them one of the more aggressive snakes that are kept in captivity. These snakes also have long, sharp teeth that can leave a nasty wound.

Having such sharp teeth helps keep prey from escaping after a successful strike. These snakes are also oviviviparous. This means that the female will give birth to live young.Ā 


amazon tree boa hanging from a tree

These snakes can get up to 7 feet as adults.

Snakes never truly stop growing, but their growth does slow down as they age. Since these snakes are ambush predators that focus on avian prey, these animals need to be long. An Amazon tree boa can lunge up to half its body length out to catch prey.

This means they can grab something that is over 3 feet away if the animal is particularly long. These snakes are narrow with large, triangular heads.

These animals rarely weigh more than 3 pounds. This is partly because they live in trees and need to stay light so they donā€™t risk breaking branches. Males and females are equal in size.Ā 

Factors That Affect Size

Like all animals, the life of a snake while young helps determine its adult size. An Amazon tree boa that is more successful in catching prey has more nutrients to fuel growth.

They will also grow faster. Longer snakes have a greater reach, so they can catch pretty from further away even while positioned in the trees. Poor conditions and a lack of prey can seriously stunt a snakeā€™s growth or at least slow it.

For instance, if the weather is cold, snakes canā€™t digest. If they have eaten, this puts them at risk of their last meal rotting before it can be digested.

Illness can affect how much a snake can feed, and may result in slower growth. Snakes can only grow after shedding, so if it is too dry, the snake wonā€™t shed properly and this can cause damage and stunted growth.

In Captivity

Everything you need to know about caring for Amazon Tree Boas in captivity:
Read our Amazon Tree Boa Care Sheet (Complete Guide)

While Amazon tree boas arenā€™t as common as a more docile snake like a ball python or corn snake, these are still popular display pets. Since they prefer lounging on branches, these animals are more visible than many other snake species.

It is easy to set up an enclosure that encourages a tree boa to lounge where they can be seen easily.

They should be offered shelter, but these snakes are typically happy so long as they have options. Due to their size, these animals do require more space. Like all snakes, they need to stretch out to their full length to aid digestion.

This is also important for gravid females since they typically stretch out and seek warmth. You will need some structure in an enclosure that lets the animal stretch out if desired.

The aggression of these snakes makes them animals you will only be able to admire. Captive-bred animals will be more docile than wild-caught animals, but they will always be likely to snap at you.

Since these animals are long, you need to be careful if you do need to handle them or clean out the enclosure.

A 5-foot animal can lunge 2.5 feet, and a 7-foot animal can reach over 3 feet with ease.

This is greater than the length of most peopleā€™s arms, so you will need a long snake hook to safely move them. They have sharp teeth, and most breeders note that they will go for the face if you upset them. So keep the size of this animal in mind if you are considering one as a pet.Ā 

Another thing to note is the width of the body. Since these are slender snakes, you will need to feed smaller prey. Always go with a smaller prey item than other species would require.

These snakes can be stressed out if they are fed a prey item that is too large. They will also act hungry even when they arenā€™t. It is easy to overfeed these snakes, so stick with the recommended feeding schedule. Remember, they are naturally meant to stay in the trees so they need to stay light and slim. This lets them move around their natural habitat with ease.Ā 


Amazon tree boas are slender snakes that can reach 7 feet long. They are typically light in weight to allow them to move around the trees with ease. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below.

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