How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost?

Crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus) are very popular geckos native to New Caledonia. They have a number of morphs available, so the prices for a gecko can vary wildly.

Here is how much a crested gecko will cost you:

On average, a pet quality crested gecko will be around $100-200. Geckos meant for breeding or with unique morphs can go for over $1,000.

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Crested Gecko Pricing

The price for a gecko depends on what you want. If you want a pet gecko and arenā€™t picky about genes, you can find animals for under $200 for a hatchling.

If you want an animal for a breeding project, expect to shell out serious cash.

Generally, brighter colors and more defined patterning make an animal more expensive. This is particularly true in cases where this is likely able to be passed onto offspring.

Harlequin geckos tend to be the cheapest. An unsexed hatchling can be bought for $100-175.

This makes them a good choice for someone who just wants a pet. If you want a more extreme example of the harlequin morph, they can be found for $250-400.

Genes like pinstripe or dalmatian go for more. You can expect to see animals with these genes going for over $500.Ā 

dalmatian crested gecko

You can find a lily-white hatchling for around $800 depending on the quality of the animal and any other genes it may carry.Ā 

Animals that are already sexed are also more expensive.

It depends on the genes, but older animals and sexed animals will be around $100 more than a younger or unsexed animal with the same genes and appearance.Ā 

Ready to breed animals will rarely go for under $1,500. Some genes like super stripe or lily-white animals will go for over $2,000. It does depend on the appearance of the animal. Some rare patternless animals can go for well over $10,000.Ā 

Setup Costs

crested gecko inside its tank

When you are buying an animal, you shouldnā€™t discount the price of the enclosure and all the supplies you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.Ā 

For the enclosure itself, you should expect to pay at least $150 for a new enclosure.

This what I would recommend:

REPTI ZOO 18ā€³ x 18ā€³ x 24ā€³ Front Opening TerrariumĀ 

  • Tough screen top provides ventilation and allows uvb and infrared penetrationĀ 
  • Raised, waterproof bottom frame in order to fit a substrate heater or a bioactive substrate
  • Front-opening doors make you feed your pet easily and prevent escapeĀ 

This will get you a basic glass enclosure that opens from the front.

A PVC enclosure that holds onto humidity goes for around $250 for the minimum size you need for a single adult crested gecko.Ā 

The heat and UV bulbs you need to keep an adult healthy are around $15 for the heat bulbs and $30 for the UV bulb that must be replaced yearly.

The dual bulb housing that works well for the species is around $30 new.

You also need a digital thermometer that can monitor both sides of the enclosure. You can have one with two probes or you can have two separate ones.

Most reptile branded options are around $20, but you can buy an outdoor thermometer and hygrometer for around the same price and get multiple in the package.

pet crested gecko

The decorations you need to make the enclosure a comfortable and healthy space for your pet will vary wildly.

A branded reptile artificial plant will be around $5-15 each, but you can find outdoor-rated artificial plants for less.

Hardscape items like branches and cork rounds will be under $10 apiece on average, but you can use sticks you find so long as they are sanitized and you are sure they have no parasites or pesticides present.

If you are planting a bioactive enclosure, plants can be from $5 to up much higher depending on the species of plant and where you source it.Ā 

The substrate is generally under $15 for a package that should last for months. You can buy organic soil and moss that can make a DIY substrate for around the same price, but it will last much longer since the package size will be larger.

If you are planning a bioactive enclosure, the substrate will be more and you will also need to pay for the clean-up crew like isopods and springtails.Ā 

Food & Diet Costs

feeding a crested gecko in captivity

Food costs are fairly low on average. You will need a feeding ledge or make a ledge when you are designing the enclosure.

Feeding ledges that attach to the side of the enclosure are typically under $15.

The package of meal replacement powder is under $15 depending on the brand and flavor your gecko prefers.

Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food

  • Can be served wet or dry to your scaly sidekick.Ā 
  • Formulated using the latest nutritional information and techniques.Ā 
  • May also be enjoyed by day geckos, gargoyle geckos and other omnivorous species.Ā 
  • Contains probiotics for better digestion, stool consistency, weight management and development.

You should also use biodegradable gecko feeding cups ($10) to offer the prepared diet and water to your gecko. If you offer feeder insects, most will be under $7 for a package that should last a while.

If you intend to keep the feeder insects around, you can buy a complete kit that can house them for around $40 with both an enclosure and food to gut-load the insects.

This can be a good investment if you decide to keep multiple reptiles since you may only need one option to feed all your pets.

Other costs include things like cleaning supplies, a reptile first aid kit, and items like tongs, misters, and an enclosure to keep the gecko in when you need to clean the main enclosure.

This should total up under $100, and most of these items can be used for any future animals. This means you have to spend less on each additional animal.

The final cost you need to consider is the cost of veterinary care. A basic checkup for your gecko may be $40-70, but this can depend on the area.

Any emergency care will be much more expensive depending on what your animal needs.

You can purchase exotic pet insurance that will help cover the yearly checkup, testing, and emergency care for around $10 a month, but this varies on area and provider.

Be sure to make sure your local reptile vet will take it and ask for recommendations from them. They can also help you stock up a first aid kit to care for your pet if it is injured until you can see a vet.


We hope this taught you what a gecko may cost. You will likely be out at least $350 not counting the animal itself.

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