How Much Does A Leachie Gecko Cost? (Prices)

The leachie or leachianus gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) is also called the New Caledonian Giant Gecko.

It is the largest gecko species alive today! If you want to own one, you may be wondering;

How much does a Leachie Gecko cost?

On average, a leachie gecko costs $800-1,000. You can find ones with unclear locality for $500-700. A less common locality can be over $2,000.

Classic Leachie Gecko Prices

If you donā€™t care about fancy genetics or colors, you can get a classic leachie gecko for as little as $400, but $500-800 is more typical.

Most of the cheapest leachies are crosses that may be from multiple localities. There arenā€™t currently any proper morphs, but there are lines that have been bred for color or pattern.

One of the most common types of leachie is GT Type A or GTA. This refers to where the ancestors of the gecko came from.

GT type A means the wild ancestors were caught in the eastern forests of New Caledonia, such as Yate and Poindimie. These animals have an unknown locality so they can be cheaper.Ā 

You will also see crosses between the 3 GT types and other crosses. Looking around the $700 mark, you can find pure Moro locality geckos.

classic new caledonian giant gecko

Other pure localities that are common and therefore more affordable are Isle of Pines, Nuu Ami, and Nuu Ana.

You can also find juveniles for cheaper, see morphmarket. If you buy your gecko when breeders have new babies, you may be able to find a less expensive animal.

You may also be able to find an animal that is being rehomed or isnā€™t suitable for breeding.

Pet-only leachies can be cheaper, but they tend to be rare. If you arenā€™t picky about genes or color, this is a good introduction to the species.

An animal in this price range will make as good of a pet as a more expensive animal.Ā 

Mid-tier Leachie Localities & Morphs Prices

Once you get to $800, you will start seeing geckos with exciting colors or from less common localities. For instance, you may find animals with unique colors like high pink.

For around $1,000, you will find some animals from less common localities like Bayonnaise.

Since each locality has some different colors and head shapes, you may find you have a favorite. You will also see older animals starting at this price, including the lower end of ready-to-breed animals.

If you want to get into breeding this species, this is around where you will need to pay for your stock.

If you donā€™t want to wait for your geckos to reach breeding age, you will need to pay for the time the previous owner had it.Ā 

$1,000-1,500 is what you can expect to pay for most geckos. At this price range, you will see animals that are a year or two old on average.

You will also see more animals from specific lineages or some of the more expensive localities. If you want a unique color, this is likely what your new leachie will cost. You can find high-colored animals or darker animals than is typical.

Moro Island locality leachies are slightly higher at $1,800 on average. This is the range where most pet owners tap out.

If you only want a singular pet, you may not want to pay much more. Some passionate owners may elect to try to keep as many localities as they can.

This isnā€™t a cheap prospect and you will need to pay for guaranteed animals.Ā 

Rare Leachianus Gecko Morphs Prices

Leachies are on average some of the most expensive geckos. However, they donā€™t get quite as bad as some other reptiles with recessive traits.

$2,000 is the point where you have a good selection of ready-to-breed geckos and interesting lines. You will see more high-colored geckos and proven breeders.

If you are interested in breeding or need to find a mate for your own breeding animals, a proven breeder ensures you have a fertile animal.

Sometimes an animal canā€™t breed and there is no way to tell unless you pair them with several different geckos.Ā 

This is also where you see pure Moro adults and pairs of geckos with guaranteed sex.

$2,500-4,000 is what you can expect to pay for the less available localities. Mt. Humboldt, Caanawa, Goro, Mt. Dore, and Mt Koghis localities typically sell in this price range.

Above this point, you will find very rare animals. This is a range that only breeders tend to touch. For instance, you may find animals that are only one generation from wild-caught.

Many breeders want these animals since they can improve genetic diversity in the geckos they produce. Animals bred from unrelated parents tend to have better immune systems on average.

If you are paying a lot for a gecko and expecting to sell babies for a high amount, you will want to make the healthiest animals possible.

Truly rare leachianus geckos can sell for much more in private sales between breeders or collectors. If you only want a pet, the high end shouldnā€™t be what you pick.Ā 


Leachies tend to be more expensive than other geckos. In fact, other members of the genus can be very inexpensive and easy to fine.

Since they are the largest geckos and not as commonly kept, demand tends to high. If you take the time to search, you should be able to find an animal that you will love.

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