Top 23 Rosy Boa Breeders in the United States

The rosy boa (Charina trivirgata) is a small member of the family Boidae that is native to California, Arizona, and portions of northwestern Mexico.

These snakes are commonly available from breeders and come in a variety of morphs.

This list will help guide you to a local breeder.

If you do not see your state on the list, it is because owning rosy boas is either illegal like it is in Hawaii, or your state has no breeders with an online presence. 

For a complete guide to enclosure setup, feeding, daily care and breeding,
check out my Rosy Boa Care Sheet.


  • Golden West Reptiles is located in the Inland Empire and produces several Rosy Boa Morphs & Localities.
  • The Reptile Shop¬†is located in Temecula. They have a several localities and morphs including albino and anery. You can visit their shop to see reptiles in person.
  • ŇĆna‚Äôs Exotics¬†is located in Glendora. They work with Mexican rosy boas.¬†
  • Baja Boas¬†is located in San Diego They focus on rosy boas native to Baja California. This includes a number of localities and a few morphs like hyper melanistic and melanistic animals. Check often to see what snakes they have available.
  • Y-knot Reptiles¬†is located in Santa Rosa. They tend to have morphs like albino, anery, and snow.¬†
  • Forktongue Farms¬†is located in San Diego. They have a wide variety of localities and morphs.


VMS Herp is located in Cotopaxi. They primarily work with localities rather than morphs. They have the Bay of LA, St. Gabriel Mountains, Dome Rock Mountains, and Mexican rosy boas. Check for availability if you have your heart set on a particular locality.


Snakes at Sunset is located in Miami. They have the El Rosario locality. They offer regional shipping.


West Ridge Reptiles is located in Evanston. They focus on localities of rosy boas. They only sell on Morph Market, but they do accept trades if you have any of the species they are looking for. 


Extraordinary Ectotherms is located in Louisville. It is run by a professional reptile keeper. They have Dome Rock, Corn Springs, and Yucca Valley localities.


Urban Reptiles is located in Baltimore. They have a few localities such as Harquahala Mountains and morphs like albino and anery.


Evan Stahl Reptiles is located in Lapeer. They have a few localities including Bay of LA. Check their Facebook for when they may have snakes available. 


Mike’s Exotics is located in Mountain Grove. They focus on rarer snakes. They have the Morongo Valley locality.

New Jersey

Major League Exotic Pets is a breeder and store located in Jackson Township. They have a few localities and morphs such as albino whitewater and Anza Borrego. 

New York

  • Jungle Bob‚Äôs Reptile World¬†is located in Selden. They have a few localities like Bay of LA and Harquahala Mountain rosies.
  • Absolutely Reptacular¬†is located in Ithaca. They have a wide variety of¬†localities and morphs¬†such as San Jacinto, El Rosario, and Harquehala Mountains.¬†

North Carolina

Colubrid Central is located in Mebane. They focus on localities and have LA Bay, Hualapai Mountains, Harqulara Mountains, Magdalena, Cerbat Mountain, and San Matias. They also have a few morphs like coastal albino, anery Magdalena, and Albino Harqulara Mountains. They post on Facebook when they have rosy boas available.


Z Repository of Reptilian Reverie is located in Hillsboro. They sometimes have rosy boas included coastal rosy boas and assorted adults.

South Carolina

AHP Exotics is located in Monck’s Corner. They sell a variety of snakes and sometimes offer rosy boas. 


Hansen’s Reptile House is located in Knoxville. They have San Matias, Bay of LA, and Cerbat Mountain rosies.


  • Gopher Your Pet¬†has a number of rosy boa localities available. They are located in Houston. They have mainly localities, but they have a few morphs available as well. Check them out for a good variety. Visit their¬†Facebook¬†and¬†Instagram¬†for more about their snakes.
  • Slither Pets¬†is located in Houston. They have Jacuma locality rosy boas.


Scale N Fin is located in Salt Lake City. They have a number of rosy boas including coastal albinos.


SKB Exotics is located in Spokane. They have a number of boas including Magdalena plains.

West Virginia

Dave’s Danger Noodles is located in Morgantown. They have a few localities and morphs available, but may not be available year-round. Keep an eye on their Facebook if they are local to you. 

How to Select a Breeder

We hope this has helped you find a breeder close to you. If you are looking online for a breeder, here are a few tips. First, look at any reviews online that are hosted on third-party sites or forums.

This makes sure you are seeing more honest reviews. If the breeder sells on Morph Market, they have a review feature for the shops.

Make sure the breeder cares about their animals as well. You want someone who only ships when the snake is very likely to survive the trip.

Any pictures of the animals should be clear and show the animal they are selling. The breeder should also be willing to answer questions and share pictures of the parents. Please note that snakes may not always be available. Smaller breeders may only have a few pairs.

Rosy boas breed in spring and have a gestation of between 120 and 140 days. This means babies tend to be produced in the summer and most will be sold once they have eaten a few meals.

Some breeders wait until their snakes are eating reliably and have grown a bit.

The exact timing depends on the breeder. A good breeder will also note what the snake is eating and some will switch the snake over to frozen prey before offering it for sale.

If you have your heart set on a certain breeder, follow them on social media to see when they have snakes available and see how the breeder cares for their snakes. 

Make sure to check my rosy boa care and enclosure guide to setup the right environment before receiving your snake.

How to Be Added to the List

If you breed rosy boas and want to be added to the list, we would be happy to add you!

Please send me your info on facebook with the name of your business, your location, the morphs you specialize in, and anything you would like potential buyers to know!

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