Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko for Sale (19 Breeders)

Trying to find a captive-bred satanic leaf-tailed gecko can be difficult. In some cases, you may only be able to find wild-caught animals.

These animals may not be very healthy and are even more fragile than a captive-bred gecko.

This list will help you find a breeder who offers captive-bred geckos. Please note that most babies sell quickly.

It also isn’t unusual for this species to skip a year of breeding. Ask a breeder if they have a waiting list to give you a better chance of eventually getting your new pet.

You should also preferably pick up this sensitive gecko species (see my complete care sheet here) from the closest hub or facility. Your average delivery truck is so hot inside for most of the year that your gecko may not survive until it reaches your door. 

United States


  • Gecko Craze LA is based in Los Angeles. If you follow¬†their Instagram page, you can see both the babies and the parents. You will be able to easily track the genetics of your pet. This is great for any breeders since you can track your bloodlines easily.¬†
  • Stardust Scales¬†is located in Simi Valley. They breed a wide range of animals including satanic leaf-tailed geckos. They do tend to have other¬†Uroplatus¬†species. You may need to contact the breeder to get on a list for the species since they are not produced often. However, this breeder has excellent care and a wide variety of unusual reptiles.¬†
  • South Bay Reptiles¬†is located in Torrance. They offer a wide range of reptiles, including the occasional satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Since this species breeds so rarely, you should be sure to ask about a wait list to have a better chance of getting a gecko.


Nature Box Pet Emporium is a pet store and breeder located in Aurora. They specialize in unusual reptiles and other animals. They occasionally sell pairs or single satanic leaf-tailed geckos. Be sure to check back often. 


Phantastic Reptiles is a breeder located in Miami. They specialize in breeding leaf-tailed geckos. This breeder is smaller, so you may want to get on a waiting list if there is one available. You can find them on Morph Market.


Chromatic Chameleons is located in Wichita. They mainly sell chameleons, but they also sell satanic leaf-tailed geckos. They may only have wild-caught animals at times, so keep an eye on their website.

New Jersey

Serpent Source, LLC is based in Long Branch. Serpent Source is run by a mother-daughter duo who breed their reptiles. You can find them on Morph Market.

New York

Hobbs Exotic Reptiles is a small breeder located in Rochester. They have over 40 years of experience breeding a wide range of reptiles. You may need to check in frequently or contact the breeder to get on a waiting list. You can find them on Morph Market.


Zupi Reptiles, LLC is a small breeder located in Columbus. They breed satanic leaf-tailed geckos. One thing to note is that this breeder may not ship any animal very far. Pickup seems to be the best way to receive your gecko. If you live further away, be sure to message the breeder before you buy. You can find them on Morph Market and Facebook. 


Sheffield Reptiles is a family-owned business located in Spokane. They provide quality pets and breeding animals. You can find them on Morph Market and Facebook. 


Animal House Pets is a pet store and breeder located in Mukwonago. They offer a wide range of animals including satanic leaf-tailed geckos. You can normally find a single animal or a pair. They tend to sell out quickly, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the website. Sometimes one half of a pair may be wild-caught, so be sure to read any descriptions throughly. 

United States Websites

This section includes breeders who do not list a physical location on their website. Be sure to check if they ship to your area.

Some can also export to other countries, but you should check their policies. Make sure you only pick up your gecko from a shipping facility. Most shipping trucks get so hot that your gecko may die from the heat. 

  • Joe‚Äôs Frogs¬†offers captive-bred satanic leaf-tailed geckos. They tend to sell their geckos once the animal is about 2-3 months old. This helps ensure the gecko is eating well before it heads to its new home.¬†
  •¬†has a classified section. That many smaller breeder use. Some pet owners who had an accidental breeding will also sell the babies here. You can filter by state. This is also a great place to find reptile expos.¬†
  • Fauna Classifieds¬†has a section where you can find lizards for sale or post a wanted ad. Remember to specify that you are looking for captive-bred animals.


  • Phantastic Geckos is located in Guelph, Ontario. They specialize in leaf-tailed geckos including satanic leaf-tailed geckos. This breeder also has a¬†YouTube channel¬†with excellent information. You can keep an eye on the channel to see if their geckos have bred recently. They also have a¬†Facebook.
  • Please note that¬†¬†has classified ads in Canada. This is one place to check for small breeders or rehomed pets. Remember to ask questions about the health and history of the gecko.

United Kingdom

Finding a satanic leaf-tailed gecko is not easy. Reptile Forums UK is the best place to look. Some shops will carry them rarely, but they are not common.

You can try asking at a local shop to see if they will have any or if you can get on a list. Other Uroplatus species are more common. However, none seem to be common sadly. You may need to import an animal from elsewhere.


All satanic leaf-tailed geckos in the EU seem to need paperwork if they are being imported. Please do your research for your country. 

  • Reptifeels¬†is a Belgian breeder that focuses on rare species and conservation. They do have satanic leaf-tailed gecko breeders. You may want to watch their website to see when they have babies available. Their website is in French and English, but some sections are not fully translated at the time of writing this. However, they do have very good care and excellent resources.¬†
  • Bion¬†is a Ukrainian breeder with the main facility located in Kyiv. They do have a satanic leaf-tailed gecko at the time of writing. ¬† Most of their pages ate highly informative.¬†

Selecting a Breeder to Buy a Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) trying its subtrate
Photo: Paul Ritchie

Selecting a good breeder is the first step to ensuring you have a healthy pet. First, check any third party reviews. If you are looking on Morph Market, most breeders will have reviews.

Pay attention to any comments on the health of the animals and how they were shipped. Even if you can’t find reviews of a satanic leaf-tailed gecko purchase, you will have an idea of how they treat and ship all their animals.

If it is a third-party site, google the name and reviews to find out more. 

Next, check all photos for signs of illness. Look for curled tail edges, stuck shed, or possible skeletal issues. This can be hard to tell from a photo.

A good breeder will be responsive to questions and will be happy to provide more photos or videos of a gecko you are interested in. They should also be able to answer basic and advanced questions about care for the species. 

Shipping is another major concern. Since the species is so fragile, they can’t typically handle a trip in a hot delivery vehicle. Most breeders will only ship to the closest hub for the carrier.

This ensures your pet stays at a safe temperature while you are on the way to get them.

If the breeder doesn’t do this on their end, you can request it for live animals if you contact the carrier. For all animals, they should only be shipped overnight.

Longer transit times can be deadly for reptiles due to how rough shipping companies can be. If the breeder has the option, try to select a service that specializes in transporting animals. Any animal should also ship with good packaging to help keep them safe.

This means they are kept in a transport cup with air holes and plenty of padding. There should also be a heating or cooling pack placed in the box outside the cup.

Which is used will depend on the weather. This helps keep the animal at an appropriate temperature for the trip.

If you are concerned about shipping, try contacting the breeder to see if they will be at a reptile expo. You may be able to pick up your gecko and keep it safer.

Some breeders also offer local pickup, so check their policies. Reptile expos can also be a good place to find a pet, but be sure to ask questions about the animal before you buy.

How to be Added to the List

If you breed satanic leaf-tailed geckos, you can be added to the list. Please contact me with your location and any information you want included. 

As you can see, there are not that many breeders for the species. Hopefully they will become more common over time since the care standards have improved. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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