How Much Does a Uromastyx Cost?

UromastyxĀ are slowly gaining in popularity. They are a desert agamid that is almost solely herbivorous. This makes them a great choice for anyone who canā€™t stomach feeding a pet insects or mice.

You may be wondering:

How much an uromastyx cost?

On average, a captive-bred uromastyx will cost between $500 and $1000 dependingon the species. Wild-caught animals are cheaper, but not as healthy.

Notes on Pricing

One thing to note is that some species are difficult or impossible to find captive-bred. This is because they are relatively new to the pet trade.

For a long time, most captive uromastyx would not reproduce. Many died young since they were not being kept properly.

Advances in husbandry have resulted in healthier animals that are willing to breed in captivity. Some species are also easier to find in breeding pairs.

These animals are being offered mainly for breeders so they can establish a captive-bred population. These animals are solitary.

If you only want a pet, you do not need to buy a pair. Even if you do want to breed, it is better to house the animals alone and only introduce them during the breeding season.Ā 

If you are not picky on species, I advise buying a captive-bred animal. They will be healthier on average and will typically tame down quickly compared to wild-caught or imported animals.

uromastyx eating

Buying wild-caught and imported animals can contribute to the demand for wild animals. This can cause damage to wild populations.

Wild-caught animals can also be trickier to keep. Some individuals do not adjust to captivity well. This can be stressful for an owner.

Some animals may eat, but they will never be comfortable with handling.

This makes basic care like vet visits and cleaning the enclosure stressful for the animal. Wild-caught animals are also more likely to have parasites and diseases.

This means more money is invested in the animal. Even if they are cheaper upfront, you may pay for it in vet bills.Ā 

Another note on price is the time of year.

It is easier to find cheaper animals around the breeding season. Uromastyx do start breeding as early as March, but their eggs take a long time to hatch compared to other species.

Species that produce more eggs will typically be cheaper since there will be more animals on the market. If you want to save, start looking in around July when the first babies of the season will start being listed for sale.

You can also contact a breeder directly to be placed on a waiting list. There are not easily available morphs on the market. Most animals are solely wild-type animals. You may see some lines that are more red or yellow for the species at most.

A final tip is to be careful where you buy your animal. A reptile expo is the safest source since you can examine your potential pet.

You can check for health an weight in person easily. MorphMarket is the safest source online. Some online stores that sell uromastyx will not note where the animal was sourced.

Always try to find unbiased reviews for any online retailer with their own website.

Googling the name and reviews can help you determine if they are a good source. Uromastyx are becoming more popular and this has resulted in shady sellers that donā€™t care about the health of the animals they sell.

Wild-caught and Imported Uromastyx prices

Uromastyx aegytius
Uromastyx aegytius

On average, imported and wild-caught uromastyx are much cheaper. For instance, red Saharan uromastyx are very cheap. Most wild-caught and imported animals are between $100 and $200.

Some animals that are only identified by the genus name are also in this price range. Yellow Saharan uromastyx can go for as little as $75. Imported ornate uromastyx can be up to $500.

Adults can be more expensive than juveniles on average. The price also goes up the longer the animal has been kept in captivity.

You can also buy pairs if you are interested in breeding your own. They tend to be a bit more expensive if they are old enough to be reliably sexed. Expect to pay around double what the species tend to cost for a single juvenile.

Captive-Bred Uromastyx prices

Captive-bred animals tend to be more expensive. For a single juvenile or sub-adult Egyptian uromastyx, expect to pay $500-700.

A single adult female can be $1,000. A pair will be $1,000-1,400 depending on the age of the animals.

Generally, an adult that is ready to breed will be much more expensive. Since these animals take years to reach breeding age, they tend to be expensive.

A breeding trio of rarer species likeĀ U. princepsĀ will go for $5,000. Most of these animals will be juveniles. Adults will be over 4 years old and much more expensive.

Captive-bred ornate uromastyx are typically around $700. They are less common, so the price can vary depending on the time of year. Uromastyx tend to be cheapest around when that yearā€™s eggs hatch and reach a safe age to sell.Ā 

Red-phaseĀ Uromastyx geyriĀ are $500-1,000 depending on the color of the animal. If you are looking to create unique color phases, you will pay more for your animals.

These may be a good investment if you want to breed uromastyx. Yellow Saharan uromastyx are still the cheapest. You can find captive-bred animals for under $250.

Even older animals can be found for under $300. If you arenā€™t picky about the species and color, this can be a great way to save some money.

These animals are also on the smaller side. This means you can house them in a 4 foot enclosure. These tend to be cheaper than the massive enclosures that Egyptian uromastyx require.


Uromastyx vary in price depending on the species.

You may be able to find them for cheaper online, but be sure you do your research.

If you have your heart set on a specific species, you may want to find a breeder and wait for them to have more animals available.

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