Angolan Python Size (How Big Do They Get?)

Ā The Angolan python (Python anchietae) is a unique python found in the arid southwest of Angola and the northwest of Namibia.

If you have just heard of this species, you may be wondering if the Angolan python gets as large as other pythons.

What size is an Angolan Python?

On average, an adult Angolan python will be between 3 and 6 feet. This means they are the same size as the closely related ball python.

Young Snakes

Angolan pythons start off at around 17-18 inches long. They look like miniature versions of the adults, though their colors tend to be brighter as babies.

As soon as they hatch, baby Angolan pythons are independent and ready to survive on their own.

They hunt small vertebrates like rodents and amphibians. Young Angolan pythons eat frequently to fuel their rapid growth. While they do grow more slowly than ball pythons, they do grow to the same size.

Sexual maturity tends to take longer than a ball python. While they do breed at the same weight generally, it takes longer for an Angolan python to reach this weight.

juvenile angolan python

One thing to note about Angolan pythons in captivity is that they are more prone to regurgitation. This is very stressful and the snake will need to miss meals as it heals.

Most owners report this happening if you give the snake meals that are even slightly larger. Stick with lower weights to make sure your snake doesnā€™t get sick.

If you want it to grow at a steady rate, feed smaller meals and offer them once a week until the snake has reached a year old. Be careful not to overfeed babies since they are prone to obesity.

Much like the related blood python, this seriously affects their health and breeding ability in the future.

Besides the slight change in color as an Angolan python ages, there is a change to the feel of the snake. Babies have been compared to feeling like soft sandpaper.

As the snake grows, the scales will also grow in size. The larger scales will feel less rough. An adult Angolan python has a bumpy or beaded texture to the scales.Ā 

Sexual Maturity

female anchieta's python guarding its egg clutch

Wild snakes will take at least 3 years to reach sexual maturity.

Successful breeding in pythons tends to rely more on weight. It is recommended that captive males need to be 1500 grams (3.3 pounds) while females need to be 1800 grams (3.96 pounds) before they should be bred.

This is similar to ball pythons. Larger females in better condition typically produce more eggs and healthier babies.

While it can be tempting to try to pack on weight to get snakes larger, this does not work with Angolan pythons. Too much food puts them at risk of regurgitation and obesity.

Obesity reduces reproductive success in many pythons. Many breeders have noted more successful breeding with snakes that have a good body condition.

Being patient with a feeding schedule pays off with a healthier snake and more offspring in the future.

Check my Angolan python care guide for more information on how to keep these snakes healthy in captivity.

Adult Size

Adult Angolan pythons can be between 3 and 6 feet long as adults. Most wild snakes will be smaller since they arenā€™t guaranteed regular meals.

Males are typically smaller than females. Captive animals can be both longer and heavier than wild snakes. This is partly because of regular meals and a lack of activity.

Captive snakes frequently get less exercise than wild animals. This can depend on the enclosure. You can encourage your python to get more exercise by adding plenty of surfaces to climb on and explore.

There have been reports of females reaching over 6 feet in captivity. This is likely because the snakes were power-fed.

Power feeding involves feeding snakes larger or more frequent meals to encourage faster growth. Since many snake species reach sexual maturity at a certain size rather than a certain age, this can allow snakes to breed sooner.

Snakes do keep growing throughout their whole lives. However, this growth slows down after the first year and becomes nearly imperceptible after sexual maturity.

An elderly snake will typically be longer and heavier than a snake that has just reached adulthood.

Angolan Python Weight

recently shed adult female python anchietae

How much does an Angolan Python weight?

Angolan pythons end up weighing around what a ball python would. This is because they share a similar stocky body. An adult female will likely not weigh more than 5 pounds. Males will typically weigh less.

While it can be hard to find data on what a normal weight for an Angolan python is, there are some guidelines to help you know if your snake is at a healthy weight.

Monitoring body condition is the best way to be sure your snake is healthy. For an Angolan python, you want a peaked spine and gently rounded sides.

The ribs should not be prominent. There should also not be loose skin. An overweight snake will typically have rolls or obvious fat deposits.

If you see these on your snake, you need to immediately space out the meals further.

Try waiting for two more days than usual before you offer another meal. You should learn your snakeā€™s unique needs as it ages.

Be sure to weigh your snake weekly, ideally, a day before you intend to feed them or after the snake defecates.

This can help you accurately monitor your pythonā€™s weight. By keeping track of your snakeā€™s weight, you can monitor its growth and spot any changes. This is also a good reference for your veterinarian if your snake is ever sick or starts suddenly losing weight.Ā 


Angolan pythons are small pythons that are nearly identical in size to ball pythons. They stay small and do not get particularly heavy.

Be sure you do not overfeed your snake since they are very prone to obesity. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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