How Much Does a Corn Snake Cost?

Corn snakes make for wonderful first snakes. These lovely snakes stay small and have a docile personality as adults. They can be a bit flighty compared to a snake like a ball python, but most owners love these beautiful animals.

If you are interested in owning a corn snake, researching costs is incredibly important. Here is how much a corn snake costs.

A classic corn snake will cost around $60-100 depending on the exact genes and the age of the snake. More unique colors like albino, blooded, and lavender can cost $200-300 dollars depending on the sex and what other genes the snake may carry.

Classic Corn Snakes Prices

Normal corn snakes are snakes that have the typical wild colors and patterns for the species. Normal corn snakes are typically brown or red toned and they are some of the cheapest corn snakes available.

Most will be under $80. The one exception is normal corn snakes that are either scaleless or carry the gene for it. A scaleless corn snake does not have scales, though their skin retains the pattern they would normally have.

Scaleless corn snakes go for a minimum of $650 even if they have the wild coloration. Snakes that have been proven to carry the gene go for a similar amount or even up to $1000 for a female that has produced scaleless babies.

Okeetee Corn Snake Price

okeetee corn snake

Okeetee is the name used to indicate a particular wild color type in corn snakes. Okeetee corn snakes have a much deeper red in the saddle marking and thicker black lines around the saddles compared to a normal corn snake.

Snakes called this in the pet trade are normally descended from this wild type of corn snake.

A standard Okeetee corn snake will be under $100, particularly if they have more brown in their coloration. The reverse Okeetee has white or pink instead of black.

They are typically around $150. Other genes will be $200 and up depending on the rarity.Ā 

Albino Corn Snake Price

Albino corn snakes and combinations of this gene are very popular. These snakes are typically bright orange or red with a pink color to them.

They often have pink or orange eyes.

You can get a basic albino corn snake for around $100. Once you get into combinations like creamsicle or tessera you will see prices going to $150 and up. Some of the rare genes can for for $400 or more.Ā 

Other Morphs

Since corn snakes have been in the pet trade for so long, you can find some incredibly unique snakes for sale. Butter refers to snakes with more yellow in their colors than a normal corn snake.

Depending on the gene combination, they will be around $150 and up. Tessera corn snakes have a unique, almost pixelated striped pattern instead of the typical saddle markings.

Many of these snakes have broken or solid stripes that go down the length of the body. A basic version will typically be around $140, but once other genes like albino are added, the price goes up to over $200.

Other morphs have different prices, from $60 to over $500. Look around and find a color you like and you should be able to find a snake you like.

If you are not breeding your snake, you donā€™t need to worry about non-visual genes. Also be sure to consider that you will be paying for shipping if you buy online. Any good breeder will only send via overnight shipping and will wait until the weather is safe to ship a snake. If they donā€™t, look elsewhere or your snake may not survive the trip.Ā 

Other Costs

The cost of the snake is only part of what you need to consider when you are buying a new snake. You will need a secure enclosure.

Exo Terra Short Terrarium (18x18x12)

  • Front access will stress your animal a lot less than enclosures opening from the top
  • Completely escape-proof
  • Well designed ventilation
  • Convenient inlets for heating cables, without any visible wires.

Most good ones with sturdy locks that open from the front are $150 and up if they are large enough to hold an adult snake, checkout my corn snake care sheet for enclosure setup recommendations.

You will also need basic supplies like substrate ($30 depending on the size) and a water dish ($10-30). You will also need some way to heat the tank, a thermostat, and a thermometer and hygrometer that can measure more than one area ($100).

You will also need decorations like two hides ($20-50), branches, rocks, greenery, and other decorations to help fill the space and make your snake feel secure.

Make sure you get things that have no pesticides or herbicides and ensure they are safe for reptiles.

You will also need to plan for food and veterinary care.

Your snake should have a check-up once a year at least. It is recommended that young snakes be seen more often to establish a baseline for health so you can monitor your snakeā€™s health as it ages.

Mammals like cats and dogs have a well-understood baseline for health, but this isnā€™t currently the case for reptiles. Your reptile vet can help you know how much these visits and tests will cost.

You should also have a reptile first aid kit in case your pet is ever injured or sick. Your vet will be able to point you towards what will work best for your corn snake.

Many products for humans will work for snakes, but be sure to ask your vet since this isnā€™t always the case.


Corn snakes are pretty cheap animals. You can get a normal corn snake for under $80. Special colors can go up in price all the way to $500 and up.

Adult snakes and ones meant for breeding projects can be even more expensive. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

If you have a corn snake, be sure to know the price of your pet as well as the cost for supplies and the set-up to help people know what they can expect.

Everything you need to know about caring for Corn Snakes in captivity:
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